AboutCommitted to Excellence since 1996

Miroslav (Miro) Mitrovic


Miroslav (Miro) Mitrovic founded his consultancy firm in 1996 (Toronto area, Canada) and operated as Bluming Inc. and then in 2011 as Miro Design Consulting™ (United States). Miro Design Consulting LLC is a dedicated customer focused design consultancy offering innovative industrial, design and engineering solutions using 3D CAD software.

We moved from Lafayette, Louisiana to Laguna Hills, California, but positioned firmly in cyberspace, committed to combining excellence with cost effective solutions to realize the best outcomes for your engineering and product designs. We are focused on integrating a combination of design and engineering with communications and collaboration using cutting edge technologies to offer better solutions with lower overheads. We mainly use SolidWorks and Unigraphics/NX to create our designs, but are flexible in finding ways to work with data from any format of your choice.

Our Process


Miro Design Consulting™ develops creative engineering solutions to challenging design problems based upon your project objectives and budgetary requirements. We have the knowledge and proficiency to work on new product patents or existing product improvements.


Once you retain our mechanical engineering services, we will submit a tailored design proposal coordinated to your concept for preliminary review. Our mission is to provide an elegant presentation of your ideas for project management’s final design approval.


We can assist with the 3D data required for Rapid Prototyping technology and/or CNC machining for product integrity evaluation purposes.


Our engineers will make all necessary final revisions and improvements to your prototype components upon functional evaluation prior to manufacture.


Miro Design Consulting™ will diligently work with your manufacturers to support the fabrication of your final product delivery.

Let us help you succeed on your next big project!