Mechanical Design, 3D Modeling and CAD Services

We provide CAD services utilizing leading edge software technologies geared to a comprehensive number of applications for an array of various industries.  Whether you are looking to build a 3D model of your idea for a client presentation – or, just need fabrication drawings and a detailed bill of materials, Miro Design Consulting is your ultimate resource.

What we do

Product Development

Miro Design Consulting offers end-to-end product design and development services enabling enterprises and product developers to deliver new products to growing and emerging markets. We use state-of-the-art computer aided design and engineering to develop new products, and the latest in material and process technologies to prototype and manufacture them.

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Machine Design

Our well-recognized design originality brings innovation to your projects.  We apply a customized approach to convert a mechanical design concept with its intended use.   Our objective is to maximize proficiency and minimize fabrication expenditures.

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Sheet Metal Design

sheet metal design We have a precise understanding of mechanical design elements from years of experience.  Our engineers are familiar as to how sheet metal design requirements are project specific.  And, we are keenly aware; a good part cannot be produced from a bad design.

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Invention Design

If you are an inventor with a design concept looking to turn your great idea into a complete 3D model, Miro Design Consulting expertise will definitively meet and exceed your expectations.  We can build a detailed 3D model and animation from simple sketches or 2D drawings.  Our 3D models can be used for rapid prototyping or any type of presentation.

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Tool and Fixture Design

We can show you a number of our pioneering designs on specialty tools and fixtures.  Let us know to further discuss your project requirements.

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3D Modeling and Drafting

Our expert design team can create 3D modeling from simple sketches or 2D drawings to generate high-quality technical documentation for fabrication; including, step-by-step assembly instructions.

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Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering services Under Construction.

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Intelligent 3D PDF Creations

3D PDF creationMiro Design Consulting was one of the initial engineering design innovators to utilize the latest Adobe® Acrobat® 3D PDF Creations software.   This unsurpassed communication tool allows clients and partners to team share sensitive project information.  Using free Adobe® Reader, easy manipulation of 3D model designs files will simulate 3D CAD software. 

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