Mechanical Design, 3D Modeling and CAD Services

Miro Design Consulting offers end-to-end product design and development services enabling enterprises and product developers to deliver new products to growing and emerging markets. We use state-of-the-art computer aided design and engineering to develop new products, and the latest in material and process technologies to prototype and manufacture them.

Product Development

product development

From Idea... to Product... to Market.

Using knowledge of most manufacturing processes and materials, Miro Design Consulting infuses the visual concept with a realistic approach to function, assembly, material choice and manufacturing technique. We use 3D computer aided design and engineering via thelatest version of NX (formerly Unigraphics), from Siemens PLM Software , along with Solid Edge CAD Software  to develop the concept into a fully functional, manufacturable, marketable product.

We integrate form and function with ergonomics, economics, manufacturability and sustainability to create a robust design that will make the product stand above the competition. Miro Design Consulting combines engineering, industrial design, intellectual property and marketing know-how, all under the same roof, in order to make successful products. Miro Design Consulting has successfully patented, prototyped, produced and commercialized a number of new products and services.

Miro Design Consulting worked in different industries that span from Machinery and Tooling, Oil and Gas, Sheet Metal, Automotive, Inventions, Automation and Medical, just to name a few. We understand that success in the market requires not only great product functionality, but also practical user interface, reasonable size, low cost structure, excellent presentation and most importantly, compatibility with distribution channels. At Miro Design Consulting, we understand the challenges inherent in developing new technologies.

Data Track Land Unit

Designed by us in joint efforts with Rene DeMoura at Begneaud Mfg. and David Berard at Frank's Casing Crew.